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A lover’s touch

New research shows that when an empathetic lover holds the hand of his or her partner who is suffering pain, their heart and respiratory rates become synchronized and the pain dissipates. “The more empathic [...]

Spanish fishermen help clear the oceans of plastic

Over 2,000 fishermen in Spain are working with the clothing company Ecoalf to turn plastic found in the sea into fabric. A recent survey by Greenpeace found that 96% of litter floating on the [...]

Free solar energy for 800,000 UK homes

As many as 800,000 low-income homes across England and Wales could get free solar panels as part of a major new government program. The potential savings on energy bills for each home would be [...]

Crowdfunding to help the homeless

Entrepreneur Alex Stephany has launched a new digital platform called Beam which allows people to fund employment training for homeless people in the UK. It’s a new way to use crowdfunding technology to help [...]

Rating the ecology of tech companies

The winners and sinners in the electronics sector have been revealed by Greenpeace in their recently published Guide to Greener Electronics. The guide is a culmination of research into the “transparency, commitment, performance and [...]

New discovery in the Great Pyramid

The mysteries and controversies surrounding the pyramids of Egypt have been followed passionately by scientists and the general public for ages. Now a recent discovery opens a new field of research into the Pyramid [...]

Can science reverse ageing?

A new study has shown that it is possible to reverse ageing in animals with a technique that may be applicable to humans as well. Researchers at the Salk Institute in California were able [...]

Walking stimulates the brain

Taking a walk is often a good way to clear your mind, and now there is proof of why this works so well. Researchers in the US have found that walking sends pressure waves [...]

Making birthing more beautiful at Can Misses

Can Misses hospital is developing a unique and sensitive initiative to bring a more beautiful feeling to birth assistance in its facilities. Some of the rooms where mothers give birth now have relaxing paintings [...]

Growing hemp on Ibiza

Hemp is a plant that has multiple beneficial uses which have unfortunately been forgotten for many years. The confusion that exists between this vegetable and marijuana is what has caused us to lose the [...]

‘Pacemakers’ for the brain improve memory

New research has discovered that well-timed pulses from electrodes implanted in the brain can enhance memory in some people. This is potentially a huge breakthrough in the treatment of dementia, head injuries and other [...]

Urban farms for preschool children

A group of architects from Italy and the Netherlands have designed a preschool on an urban farm to help raise environmentally responsible children. The farm, Nursery Fields Forever, aims to bridge the gap between [...]

The floating tent

The SmithFly company of Ohio (US) has developed a way to go camping on the water with the world’s first floating tent. They call it the Shoal Tent, and it measures 2.5 metres by [...]

Orange peels become a forest

Twenty years ago tons of nutrient-rich food waste were dumped onto deforested land, and the incredible results of this experiment are strong evidence for replenishing more ecosystems in the same way. This once fallow [...]

Czech Republic bans fur farms

The Czech Republic recently became the latest addition to a growing list of countries saying ‘NO’ to fur farms. Over 80% of the Czech population is in favour of this new law, and the [...]

Care 4 Cats comes to the rescue

The volunteers at Care 4 Cats work tirelessly the whole year round to help the abandoned and feral cats of Ibiza. Whilst their work can be difficult – and at times heartbreaking – it’s [...]

Wind turbines for homes in India

Two brothers from the southern Indian state of Kerala believe that they have the key to making that country’s energy crisis a thing of the past. Their company, Avant Garde Innovations, has developed a [...]

Paint-on electric wires

There’s a non-toxic carbon paint that can do the same job as electric wires – and it is also setting the artistic world alight. Cutting out the need for lots of space and complicated [...]