Ramón Aramendi

Ramón AramendiLosing a loved one brings sadness, but also a great appreciation for how precious life is. It reminds us to be grateful for each day, and to treat every moment as a gift to be celebrated. Those who live in this way find joy in every aspect of their life… every smile, every friendship, every pleasure.

Such was the case with our dear friend and working companion, Ramón Aramendi. Over the past 20 years his collaboration and devotion has created within us feelings of trust, gratitude and friendship that will be dearly missed. Ramón laughed, lived and celebrated life with the same deep appreciation that he had for each sip of a fine wine. I and my working companions are grateful to have shared so many years together with Ramón, and we are left saddened by his untimely departure. He is sorely missed. Our hearts and love go out to his family and loved ones.

David Moss & Digital Grafic Ibiza team