April 2013

I would like to thank all De Todo readers, whose support and interest serve to motivate us as writers, translators, designers, coordinators, and editors, to do our very best in publishing this newspaper.

We, the De Todo team, delight in participating in an ever expanding movement of intelligent awareness, confidence in our future, and respect for our planet and fellow human beings.

It is the pioneering ingenuity and passion of the people of whom we write that continue to inspire us in our efforts. We feel honoured to be able to report on some of the great events and proposed life solutions which give us hope, embrace who we are, and leave us all with a comforting sense of achievement.

We believe that optimism gives rise to a renewed confidence that our lives and futures are indeed bright. By concentrating on success not failure, compassion not hate, respect not competition, we feel that we as a newspaper, and you as our readers, have an invaluable role in spreading the good news.

Thank you for your continued support.