December 2012

This month we complete one full year of good news publishing. Throughout the year, I have had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of people of many different backgrounds, age groups, and political beliefs. We spoke about the wonderful accomplishments that are happening in our society today; a record number of charitable organisations helping those in need, new technologies changing the world, the rapidly increasing pace of scientific discoveries and cures for illness, our creativity, humour, compassion and the fact that many of the world’s problems have already been solved.

There seems to be an overall suspicion amongst the people I speak with about the absence of these human accomplishments in the news media. We see very little about these positive events, while at the same time bad news is being thrown at us day after day. Most people feel that something needs changing. Fair and complete news reporting which includes our accomplishments will reinforce public confidence that we can find solutions to the challenges we face.

Thankfully, it is already apparent that a great change is taking place. It can be measured in our conscious effort to become better and more loving individuals. Systems change slowly, but ideology is the forefront of change. Most of us wish for a better, more peaceful and prosperous world. We are beginning to realise that we can choose to make decisions from the wisdom of our hearts, and not our egos. As our consciousness evolves, we will increasingly see cooperation replace competition, compassion replace anger, generosity replace greed, and love replace fear – and with this change in us, will come a timely and inevitable change to our economic, social and political systems.

Like a snowball rolling down a snow-covered mountain, the evolution of human consciousness is expanding and gaining momentum as it rolls through our society. Each one of us represents an individual snowflake, and by joining together we will create the core of conscious change – placing our generation at the inception of a society in which everyone can live in harmony, prosper and thrive.

David Moss