News — 01 May 2018
World’s first electric container barges

Starting this summer the world’s first fully electric, emission-free and eventually unmanned container ships will operate from the Dutch ports of Antwerp, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.Dubbed the “Tesla of the canals”, the vessels are being developed in the Netherlands by a company called Port Liner. These barges will be manned during the first phase of operation, but will eventually operate without any crew. Port Liner expects to produce about 500 new barges per year, and the electric motors and batteries could also be fitted into older vessels. The barges will be the first in the world to sail on carbon-neutral batteries which will be charged on shore by the carbon-free energy provider Eneco. It is expected that this revolutionary development to the freight industry will lead to around 23,000 diesel powered trucks being removed from the road, along with a reduction of about 18,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.




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