News — 01 May 2018
Advance in the treatment of Parkinson’s

Researchers at the Neurosciences Integral Center in Madrid have managed to control tremors, stiffness and slowness in patients with Parkinson’s disease by using an ultrasound technique called HIFU. Without the need for a cranial incision or surgery, the doctors were able to treat a specific and limited area of the brain, which is related to the different motor symptoms of the disease. According to experts, this technique is completely safe and minimally invasive, opening up a new field for the treatment of the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

The Director of the Center for Neuroscience, José Obeso, says that the patients immediately showed reductions of the most important signs of the disease with this new technique. He adds that the improvement in symptoms was maintained during post treatment follow-up, and that this treatment may have a lasting effect on the motor manifestations of the disease.


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