News — 01 April 2018
A magazine gives a voice to the homeless on Ibiza

The NGO Cáritas of Ibiza runs a workshop for homeless people to give them training and advice that will improve their living situations. One of their innovative activities is creating a magazine called “Hablamos”. It is similar to publications like ‘Big Issue’ in the United Kingdom and ‘La Farola’ in Madrid that aim to give a voice and visibility to the homeless. The participants in the workshop write about their concerns, desires, life stories, illnesses, treatments and any creative topics that come to mind. 

The social worker in charge of these Caritas workshops is Natasha Quitak, and she points out that in Ibiza there is another reality that many of us do not want to see. “Hablamos” was born with the ambition to break down these barriers so that society can realize that homeless people are also human beings – human beings who have reached a dire situation that could happen to anyone. Natasha says that creating this magazine has numerous benefits for people in her workshop. It allows them to develop self-esteem, creative expression and tolerance for frustration, while also giving them tools to help them regain control of their lives. The first edition of “Hablamos” published 50 copies, and several of those were delivered to the politicians on the island.

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