News — 01 February 2018
Traditional agriculture returns in Sicily

Producers and farmers on the island of Sicily have rejected the use of genetically modified crops (GMOs) and chemical products. They have decided to give up mass produced farming to focus on traditional methods and the production of organic foods. This starts with recovering old seeds for planting, among which are some varieties of wheat that are no longer used in the commercial market. Their goal is to prevent the multinational food companies from taking control of the island’s agriculture, and to recover their food sovereignty. The farmers say that in only four years they will be able to achieve agricultural independence that is free of GMOs.

They are confident that with traditional techniques, in which chemical products are not used, it is only a matter of time before the soil and plants regain their full potential. In addition, they say that growing with natural methods will exceed the performance of the previous system that used monoculture (one crop) with GMO seeds. Even more good news is that this is not just a movement by farmers. It is projected that the Sicilian people will begin to consume more healthy organic food. The island is getting involved with this change, and its people are becoming aware that we are what we eat, and we can use food as a powerful tool to improve the world.

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