News — 01 February 2018
Tesla launches the world’s biggest battery

The world’s largest lithium ion battery system has started delivering power in South Australia. This Tesla ‘Powerpack’ system stores energy generated by a nearby wind farm, and it is capable of providing electricity for as many as 30,000 homes. It is three times more powerful than any other battery in existence. Activating this massive system fulfils a bold pledge by Tesla CEO Elon Musk who said that he would finish building the battery within 100 days or provide it for free. Musk made his risky vow on Twitter during an exchange with an Australian billionaire who was sceptical of the project. As it turned out the batteries were operating within just 75 days.

The new Tesla system is part of efforts to address energy supply problems in South Australia, which has suffered high-profile blackouts in recent years. “South Australia is now leading the world in accessible renewable energy,” according to the state’s premier, Jay Weatherill. Tesla said it hopes the project “provides a model for future deployments.” The worldwide demand for renewable energy continues to grow, and this battery might not be the world’s largest for long. Hyundai Electric & Energy Systems is building one in South Korea that has about 50% more capacity.

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