News — 01 February 2018
Tanzanian schoolboy promotes hand washing

A fourteen year old schoolboy named Goodluck is tackling his country’s problems of clean water and sanitation by becoming an advocate for hand washing. In rural Tanzania only 48% of people have access to clean drinking water, and very few schools have functioning hand washing facilities. Often there is only one toilet for over 200 pupils and this poor sanitation causes illness that keeps the children from school.

Volunteers from the sustainable development charity Raleigh International (UK) have established student-led water and sanitation clubs (SWASH clubs) to take action on the issue. Goodluck is the chairman of his school’s SWASH club. Every morning he fills the hand washing devices (called ‘tippy taps’) with soap and water, and checks that the toilets are clean. If the younger children do not know how to use the tippy taps he shows them what to do. Goodluck, who wants to become a doctor, has built his own tippy tap at home, and he teaches the people in his village about the importance of hand washing as one of the most effective and affordable ways to prevent disease.

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