News — 01 February 2018
SkinGun for burns 

A revolutionary new treatment for serious burns could replace the need for lengthy stays in hospital and invasive procedures. The ‘SkinGun’ lightly sprays the skin and prompts the patient’s own stem cells to regenerate and grow organically. This eliminates the need for intrusive techniques like skin needling, laser therapy and radiotherapy. The entire SkinGun process takes just 90 minutes, and there is no scarring as in present procedures.

Renovacare, based in New York, are developing this discovery and they say the key to the treatment is using skin stem cells to create the spray application. The patient gives a small sample of skin in order to extract the necessary stem cells, and within a few days the procedure is ready to be carried out. Trials so far have shown that an amazing 97.3% of these cells maintain their viability for regenerating skin when sprayed on to burns. US army veterans are the first group to take advantage of this incredible treatment.

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