News — 01 February 2018
App that identifies flowers and plants

PlantNet is an application for mobile phones that can identify many types of flowers, shrubs, plants and fruit trees just by taking a photo of it. It works similar to the way that the Shazam app recognizes songs and musical artists. This app is free and works best when the photos are focused on a specific part of the plant. Its creator is the French botanist Pierre Bonnet, who states that it has been devised for several purposes: to reduce pests, identify invasive plants and save crops and orchards. All of this makes PlantNet a useful tool for professionals such as farmers, foresters, botanists and researchers, in addition to nature lovers in general.

The design of this App has been a collective effort to aid in the preservation of nature’s diversity. Many collaborators from around the world have contributed information about their local flora to create this global catalog of plant life. PlantNet also has a website with more detailed and differentiated information on the plants. They are classified by continent, and you can see each contributor’s photographs and their donated information.

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