News — 01 February 2018
Affordable houses for millennials

Most young people between 25 and 35 have little choice but to rent a place to live rather than buy one. This situation is common in both Europe and North America due to the continuous rise in the price of housing that makes it impossible for most young people to afford a house. However, some alternatives are emerging, and one interesting project is being built near Los Angeles, California. Rancho Mission Viejo is a new type of living arrangement called an agrihood. It is an alternative that combines the charms of living in a farming commune with the advantages of a modern suburb… and at an affordable price. The residents live in semi-detached houses that are part of a farm that grows fruits and vegetables.

Each homeowner commits to dedicate both time and money for the maintenance of the farm. The goal is to recover the spirit of traditional agrarian communities where neighbours collaborated and related to each other for the common good. It is similar to co-housing because the residents vary in both age and experience. In addition to the young people, there are many retired seniors who wish to age actively within a neighbourhood that has a strong sense of community. Another interesting aspect of the agrihoods is that the houses are built according to the highest energy efficiency standards, and with respect for the natural environment.

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