News — 01 January 2018
Wind turbines for homes in India

Two brothers from the southern Indian state of Kerala believe that they have the key to making that country’s energy crisis a thing of the past. Their company, Avant Garde Innovations, has developed a highly affordable small wind turbine for residential, agricultural and village electrification. Roughly the size of a ceiling fan, one of these turbines can generate enough electricity to power a small house for a lifetime.
Much of India remains in the dark with the government unable to afford the huge infrastructure costs required to bring electricity to remote villages. This product is designed to make localised, affordable renewable energy available to the millions of people in need. The company plans to sell the wind turbines for roughly the same price as an iPhone. The brothers describe their vision as “A passion to introduce innovative, affordable and sustainable solutions that take energy self sufficiency to the next level.” In so doing, they believe they can usher in a cleaner environment, new economic prosperity and social change.

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