News — 01 January 2018
Spanish fishermen help clear the oceans of plastic

Over 2,000 fishermen in Spain are working with the clothing company Ecoalf to turn plastic found in the sea into fabric. A recent survey by Greenpeace found that 96% of litter floating on the surface of the Mediterranean was plastic. Local fishermen report that it is typical for their nets to be filled with all sorts of plastic rubbish along with the fish. Ecoalf pays the fisherman to separate the rubbish and bring it to them on shore. The plastic is broken into chips and then pellets, which can be spun into thread. The end results include jackets, trainers and backpacks – all made from recycled plastic. At the company’s store in Madrid, founder Javier Goyeneche explains that his dismay at the amount of waste produced by the fashion industry inspired him to make a clothing line that was more sustainable. As a result, thousands of fishermen have become part of the solution to cleaning the seas that give them their livelihood.

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