News — 01 January 2018
Paint-on electric wires

There’s a non-toxic carbon paint that can do the same job as electric wires – and it is also setting the artistic world alight. Cutting out the need for lots of space and complicated wiring, a new “thick gooey” black paint can actually conduct electricity… all you have to do is wait for it to dry. It can be applied with any standard painting tool and this new product is even water soluble.

The London-based company Bare Conductive are the brains behind this cutting edge paint that is making countless products easier to store, transport and use. It gives technicians the ability to put electrical pathways on the surface of modern circuit boards without worrying about dimensions or tangling wires. But it’s not just technical people who are impressed. Painters and dancers have discovered that they can now create canvases and performances that ‘come alive’ with light… plus it looks spectacular on greeting cards.

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