News — 01 January 2018
Making birthing more beautiful at Can Misses

Can Misses hospital is developing a unique and sensitive initiative to bring a more beautiful feeling to birth assistance in its facilities. Some of the rooms where mothers give birth now have relaxing paintings on the walls with motifs of nature and the landscape of Ibiza. A beach, a field of poppies or a branch of an almond tree in bloom decorates and gives warmth to the walls of these rooms. The hospital’s maternity ward supervisor says that this idea arose from the desire for mothers to feel more comfortable and relaxed by changing the cold and clinical feeling of the rooms where they give birth.
The maternity team and the artist decided on the types of images that would be most appropriate to paint in front of the mothers’ beds. These paintings are a new addition to an overall project being developed within Can Misses to enhance birth assistance. The new features include the use of incense and music during the dilation process, and allowing fathers to be present during cesarean sections. In addition, the expectant mothers are introduced from the very beginning to the midwife who will attend them throughout the process, and the lights in their rooms have been made much softer to promote the relaxation of mothers and babies.

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