News — 01 December 2017
The amazing Wikkel House

It can be built in one day and it’s three times more sustainable than a normal house – plus you can take it with you to wherever you want to live. It is called the Wikkel House, and it is the creation of the Dutch design firm Fiction Factory. The entire home is built by snapping together 1.2 metre wide sections of a robust material that is made from 24 layers of cardboard that have been stuck together. By fusing so many layers, the material creates maximum insulation. However, to ensure that the house can cope with the elements, each section is finished with breathable foil and a layer of wood.

The manufacturers are so confident of their design that the houses come with a 50-year guarantee. The dwelling can be made in various sizes depending on your needs. It starts with just the standard three sections of kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, but you can add as many more of these modules as you desire. For a decorative touch, you can choose from a selection of inside wall and floor designs, and whether you want a glazed or opaque facade. Fiction Factory promises that the house can be taken apart easily in the event that you want to relocate, and each home costs just €25,000.

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