News — 01 December 2017
Sustainable tableware made from leaves

A research team at Naresuan University in Thailand has developed degradable food bowls made from leaves. The project, which took just over a year to perfect, was inspired when an engineering professor from the university saw mounds of plastic waste during a visit to a Buddhist temple. In an efort to combat this kind of waste, and to bring sustainable products to market, his team set about developing analternative to disposable plastic. The resulting bowls, which are made from the leaves of teak and banyan trees, are leak-proof, can hold hot water and will degrade rapidly after disposal.

Starting in 2020, the selling of throw away plastic cups, plates and dishes will thankfully be prohibited here on the Balearic Islands. Perhaps environmentally friendly tableware like this could be an ecological replacement for what are some of the main environmental contaminants that exist today.

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