News — 01 December 2017
Scotland wind power record

Scotland has outdone itself when it comes to embracing renewable sources. They have increasedt heir greenpower production to the point where it can provide more than double the country’s energy needs on a given day. Recently it was reported that the wind turbines of the national grid generated over 86,000 megawatts in one day, while the country’s total electricity consumption for industry, homes, and business that day was just 42,000 megawatts. This means that wind energy produced more than double Scotland’s energy requirements, and it was enough to power over seven million average homes nearly three times as many as there are in Scotland.

Of course this was only one day, and the winds do not provide that much energy every day. Nonetheless, this is strong evidence that the country is making great strides to become self-suficient. The move to sustainable wind power is also providing much cleaner air, which benefits both people and nature. Sam Gardnerof the World Wildlife Fund Scotland said: “We’re blown away by these figures that are part of a pattern of increasingly green power production made possible by many years of political support in Scotland.”

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