News — 01 December 2017
One man turned a wasteland into a forest

Almost forty years ago an Indian man named Payeng lived on an island that was completely barren. Seeing how his home was threatened with erosion, he made it his mission to reforest the island… and what’s more, he did it all singlehandedly! Payeng says that when he first started planting his forest in 1979 it was very time consuming, but now it is much easier as he gets the seeds from the trees themselves. Over the years he has created such a dense forest of 550 hectares that more than 100 elephants live there for three months a year. It is also home to other thriving wildlife that includes rhinos, deer and tigers. Deforestation is having a major impact on the earth’s ability to mitigate climate change. It also destroys ecosystems and the natural habitats of many animals. This contributes to the fact that around 137 species of plants, animals and insects become extinct every day. These are some of the reasons why Payeng’s achievement is so inspiring, as it shows the impact one person can have on saving the planet.

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