News — 01 December 2017
New Balearic law aimed at climate change

The Government of the Balearic Islands is preparing a regional regulation to fight against climate change. 98% of the energy consumed in the Balearics is generated through conventional sources, which places our community at the bottom of Spain’s list for generation of renewable energy. This law, which will be approved in 2018, is focused on getting more efficiency in the areas of energy production and transport. The aim is to move towards a 100% clean energy system by fighting the sun tax (which discourages solar energy), closing thermal power plants, and replacing fossil fuels. There are also provisions to shield the Balearic Islands against future hydrocarbon prospecting, contribute to energy efficiency in homes, prioritize public transport, encourage electric cars for rent and reduce emissions from air and maritime transport.

This new regulation wants to achieve a simplification of the procedures for setting up renewable energy systems. Most important, the law will establish a schedule of actions for the implementation of these proposals, so that this regulation does not remain a mere declaration of intentions, but will actually achieve the goal of much lower emissions by 2050, as established in the 2016 Paris Treaty.

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