News — 01 December 2017
SOUTH KOREA Healing wounds with no scars

Scars could potentially be a thing of the past thanks to the discovery of a new type of therapy that uses a natural source from the sea to heal the skin seamlessly. The research was conducted by a team at Pohang University of Science and Technology in South Korea. They found that a glue-like substance secreted by mussels, when combined with a skin protein called decorin, regenerated skin with almost no sign of scarring – even in patients who had suffered deep wounds.

After only 11 days of this treatment wounds as wide as 8 mm had virtually closed with no scars, and the collagen fibres in the treated wounds had returned to their original ‘basket-weave’ configuration. In addition, the newly formed skin had developed hair follicles, blood vessels, oil glands and other normal structures that do not regenerate in typical scar tissue. The research team explained this saying: “The glue secreted by the mussel is able to promote normal collagen growth. In doing so, the fibres are more easily able to weave in and out between each other as in normal skin.”

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