News — 01 December 2017
GERMANY Solar motor home

Imagine never needing to stop at a petrol station ever again! This is the promise of a motor home that was recently unveiled in Dusseldorf, Germany which runs entirely on solar power. Dethleffs is the company behind this super-green ‘e.home’ that has virtually every centimetre of its exterior walls covered with solar panels. It has a 107 horsepower electric motor that runs the vehicle, and also provides up to 3,000 watts of electricity for use in the home.
The inside is as well-crafted as the outside, with a sleek modern design that includes infrared heating panels in floor and walls, plus a heating system that captures outside air on warm days and sends it into the main cabin when it gets cooler in the evening. The icing on the cake is a starlight projection system over the bed. The manufacturer points out that the motor home’s solar powered electric motor will supply all of the electricity needed for the living area. The e.home’s solar kit is also equipped to charge all electric devices including lithium batteries, phones and laptops.


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