News — 01 November 2017
Plastic horseshoes for happier hooves

Have you ever watched a blacksmith put on a horseshoe? It’s a laborious process with nails and hot iron that over time has negative effects on the health of the horse. Iron shoes do not allow the tendons and ligaments to move freely which leads to problems in the hooves, ankles and knees. This spurred horseman Charly Forstner to invent shock-absorbing plastic shoes that he calls Megasus Horserunners. They are made of a flexible material which allows for natural hoof movements and, unlike iron shoes, can be removed when the horse is not being ridden which allows the horse’s legs to relax and strengthen.

According to Forstner, “These shoes not only offer excellent hoof protection, but they are simple to put on and take off.” The plastic shoes simply clip on to the horse’s hoof to make life easier for both horse and rider. Another advantage is that these plastic shoes are much more economical, as they last for a long time and do not need a blacksmith to take them on and off.

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