News — 01 November 2017
Plan for monitoring Ibiza’s coastline

The Consell of Ibiza has agreed upon a special monitoring plan together with the Balearic Coast Authority (BCA) to combat the occupation of beaches and areas of public domain by private property. The Consell has expressed its concern about the numerous encroachments that have occurred this summer on the Ibiza coastline, and has urged BCA to take effective measures. Carlos Simarro, a representative of BCA, says that they are equipped to monitor illegal structures on the coast, but are not able to control the existence of private security staff who occupy public areas and expel people from them.

The Consell emphasized that this is a serious problem caused by lack of staff at BCA. They have unanimously appealed to the Government of Spain to increase the staff of the BCA in order to protect Ibiza from the “privatizing attacks” that are ruining our coastlines. The Consell declared that this is an urgent situation and we are at a critical point because, if this is not remedied soon our citizens will lose access to their public spaces.


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