News — 01 November 2017
Adidas shoes made from ocean plastic waste

The multinational corporation Adidas has created a running shoe made almost entirely from discarded plastic that was recovered from the ocean near the Maldives. These trainers are subtle, soft-looking and designed to be evocative of the sea. Adidas intends to produce one million pairs of them, made from more than 11 million plastic bottles collected during 2017. The company’s ultimate aim is to expand this idea of using ocean waste plastic to many more of its products.

Each year, an astonishing eight million tonnes of plastic enter the world’s oceans, and as the plastic breaks down it releases toxic chemicals into the water which are extremely harmful to marine life. Partnering with Parley for the Oceans, a non-profit organisation committed to reducing ocean plastic waste, Adidas is bringing awareness to this problem, and is lending credibility to clean-up efforts. As noted on its product page, these new running shoes are “spinning the problem into a solution… the threat into a thread.” Through this initiative, consumers will be given the opportunity to show their appreciation for the oceans, and hopefully it will spur other companies to see the ocean’s waste problem as an opportunity for innovative environmentalism.


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