News — 01 June 2017
Therapy dogs help children to heal

John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, UK has worked with the Delta Therapy Dogs organization to complete a study that has caught the interest of medical specialists around the world. The preliminary findings show that bringing animals to visit patients has drastically raised their spirits and resulted in extraordinary reductions in recovery time. “We had the hypothesis that bringing these dogs in to visit sick patients would cheer them up and bring them a bit of joy,” said one of the program’s volunteers. “What we didn’t realize at the time was that the interaction with animals also had a real therapeutic benefit to the patients they visited.”

“Patients who opted to have regular visits from the dogs were discharged, on average, 30% quicker than patients who declined a visit from the dogs. Our theory is that the interaction with the dogs is having a direct, positive therapeutic impact that is helping patients overcome their health issues more quickly.”

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