News — 01 June 2017
Silence improves health

The World Health Organization recently established a link between excess noise and some deaths from heart disease in Western Europe. According to numerous studies, noise pollution is related to problems of deafness, poor sleep, digestive disorders, memory and learning abilities. Experiments with mice have shown that silence can promote neurogenesis – the birth of new neurons and connections between them in the brain. Other research indicates that the decrease of neurons in the hippocampus leads to Alzheimer’s. So being more in silence could be a way to treat this disease.

Dr Michael Wehr of the University of Oregon (US) says that neurons light up during quiet times, and he recommends two hours of silence a day to improve your brain health. Silence also facilitates control of blood pressure to help prevent heart disease and strokes. The benefits of silence are not only physical, but psychological as well. Being in silence gives us the opportunity to think calmly and make reasoned decisions. Silence is even starting to become a tourist attraction as people seek out nature reserves and even monasteries to find peace and quiet.

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