Mikki — 01 February 2017
On Creativity

Here I am sitting in my studio wanting to write about CREATIVITY, feeling actually not really creative…Wait, so what? Is Creativity a feeling? And if you can’t feel it, you can’t be creative? There are so many aspects to research on…

According to Dr. Lissa Rankin expressing creativity is extremely healthy: It releases endorphins and other feeling good neurotransmitters, reduces depression and anxiety, improves immune function and naturally relieves pain. Living creativity decreases your heart rate and blood pressure, improves your sleep. Creative expression promotes social peace by enhancing compassion, growth, collaboration, respect and healing. While your creative Life can be a potent source of psychological relaxation, it can also harm your health, if you are feeling creatively thwarted.

So, Creativity is a very strong medicine!

The dictionary says it is “the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations etc.”

Creativity is the foundation for an Artist… without creativity we can’t create… that’s obvious… but where does she live and how to invoke her? Some say it is more in the right side of our brain, the open expansive, chaotic aspect of our being human…

Creativity is definitely one of the most powerful tools in these times. According to a survey of 1,500 chief executives conducted by IBM Institute for Business Value. CEO’s identify CREATIVITY as the most important leadership competency for the successful enterprises of the future…

I feel her, I know exactly, when she is around me, those moments, when I am completely absorbed in the FLOW, timeless surfing the wave of the inspiration, that is needed to bring this new idea into reality, the trust and the openness to be a channel of divine creativity…

“All children are born Artists. The problem is how to remain an Artist once he grows up”, as Picasso once said.

I personally was born in the former Soviet Republic and for a long time I was an Artist without knowing it… When we could finally escape the socialistic system and moved to Germany, it was my Creativity, that made me survive. As refugees my parents were just focusing on making “it”, working hard to reach their goals. There was no space for Creativity expressed in Art, Music or Dance or any form of culture. In fact I grew up without all of this. I was very often alone at home and those moments would imprint into me the power of CREATIVITY.

I could create anything I wanted. I wrote my own stories, painted worlds, in which I would like to live in. I even created a cinema in a shoebox… A new idea brought into reality.

Later I studied Fine Arts in Berlin and I was learning, that creativity is more then a feeling. It is a commitment to oneself, to stay curious and to explore, to invent and to believe in the ideas, that are coming to you. They are unique, like you are unique and they will be lost, if you don’t follow those ideas and bring them into this reality. They might be an inspiration for somebody else, to do the same, to follow those ideas and dreams…

In these times of massive change and insecurity, there is CREATIVITY needed to lead and through that create new ideas for our world and our global race of human beings. On our quest of tapping into our full potential of being, of being alive in a healthy and peaceful way…

In my life long research as an Artist, Traveler, Actress, Director and at the same time spectator of my own Life, which is my ultimate ART PIECE, I come to the conclusion, that I am truly feeling alive, when I am a creative, artistic being…

Courage and a
Readiness to be the
Adventure of
Transformation through your
Intuition in the
Invention of the
Tenderness called

At the end it is all about you and your own creativity… what is your experience with her? Where does she live for you?… and how can we activate this great tool in our lives even more to bring more beautiful ideas into reality?

by Mikki Funk

On Creativity

On Creativity

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