News — 01 July 2016
Syrian Refugees show their Gratitude

Syrian refugees who were welcomed into Canada after fleeing the destruction in their homeland, are now giving back to Canadians whose own homes were recently destroyed. All 88,000 citizens of the town of Fort McMurray had to be evacuated under a state of emergency due to raging wildfires in that area. These people had to flee their homes and are essentially refugees themselves in Canadian cities like Calgary… and the Syrian Refugee Support Group is lending a helping hand.

This new organization is made up of the 1,400 Syrian refugees who have settled in Calgary since November, 2015. They have donated what money they can to aid these new people in the city that opened its arms to them. In addition they are donating back much of the clothes, food, provisions, and furniture that they received when arriving in North America. Saima Jamal, a co-founder of the support group says, “All the Syrians are ready to give. Canadians have provided a lot to us, and now it is our turn.”

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