News — 01 January 2016
The ultimate eco-friendly house to be built on Ibiza

The Ibiza-based company Terravita is building a unique house here on the island that will feature cutting-edge energy efficiency. This 210 m2 family home is called a ‘passive house’ because it will be powered entirely by renewable energies – mainly solar photovoltaic, plus aerothermal systems for climatization. The house will use a minimal amount of electricity (less than 30 kwh/m2 per year) while still offering a high level of comfort. In summer a pleasant temperature will be maintained by a radiant cooling system in the ceiling. This uses circulating water to cool the house with very little energy consumption. In Winter, warmth will come from a heat recovery ventilation system that will circulate fresh air into the house whilst heating it at the same time.

The building will be equipped with intelligent technology so that its residents can programme energy consumption peaks throughout the day. The design is inspired by classic Ibiza architecture that is blended with the most modern bioclimatic innovations. This allows the house to utilize the existing natural resources (vegetation, sunlight, winds, etc.) as an aid to achieving the most energy efficient climatization.

Terravita plans to complete this ‘passive house’ in June of 2016. Its aim is to achieve the highest category of certification awarded by the German Passivhaus Institute – Passivhaus Premium level. This certifícate is only given to houses that combine maximum energy savings with the exclusive use of renewable energy sources. The house in Ibiza will be only the second building in the world to achieve this certification; the other is in the German region of Bavaria. As co-founder of Terrativa Julian Watson Todd explains: “Our proposal supports a sustainable model for this land of internationally-renowned beauty that will help to conserve its privileged surroundings so that it may continue to be enjoyed in all its splendour by future generations.”

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