News — 01 December 2014
Spanish technology used for British winds

The strong winds which often stir the British seas are inspiring a new green energy revolution in the United Kingdom – the development of offshore wind farms. The Spanish multinational energy company Iberdrola is actively contributing to this revolution. Recently its subsidiary, Scottish Power, built the world’s third largest offshore wind farm. It is called West of Duddon Sands, and is located 20 km off the northwest coast of England. This major offshore complex consists of numerous gigantic wind turbines linked with sophisticated computer technology. The project presented a real challenge for the Spanish company because, despite being the world leader in onshore wind energy, this was its first venture into offshore wind farms.

This complex engineering feat was successfully accomplished, and now a stretch of cable running under the sea provides up to 280 megawatts of clean energy to the British power grid. Offshore wind farms can produce up to twice as much energy as those located inland which is why they are a promising option for the generation of energy in the future. Spain’s contribution to the development of clean energy in the United Kingdom will continue at the end of the decade with the construction in East Anglia of the largest offshore wind farm in the world.

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