News — 01 December 2014
Irene de Andrés, an Ibiza artist in Helsinki

The travelling exhibition called ‘Tabula Rasa’ that features the works of 20 Balearic artists was recently on display at the Muu Gallery and the Muu Cable building in Helsinki, Finland. This showcase included the work of Irene de Andrés, an artist from Ibiza who has already won a number of prizes including the “Certamen de Arte Joven Circuitos de Artes Plásticas y Generaciones 2013” (dedicated to young talent) and the 11th PhotoEspaña 2011 photography prize. Irene presented her project entitled Three-way Glass which creates fascinating visual effects in ruined or abandoned buildings. These are places where nothing seems to be happening, yet you can feel a memory of times gone by which Irene creates through reflections and windows. “I open up windows where you can stop, look and think, in situations where apparently nothing occurs”, explains the artist in the catalogue of ‘Tabula Rasa’.

In preparation for the Helsinki exhibition, Irene first researched the history of the industrial building which she was going to use as her backdrop in the project. It had been a large copper cable factory, and that history is reflected in the exhibition. Irene explains that, “In this installation everything revolves around cable and copper as working materials, represented by small installations placed in windows and corners where a dialogue is established with the material itself”. Her work is a good example of how ‘Tabula Rasa’ presents new ways of understanding the talents of younger artists.

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