News — 01 October 2013
Possibly the world’s largest mural

What to do with drab urban high-rise buildings? This is a question that has been bandied about for decades. However, a look to Berlin tells us that the answer may well lie in a bit of imagination and creativity. Courtesy of French firm, CitéCréation, 20,000 square metres of wall in the German capital have been skilfully transformed into a must-see, rather than an eyesore. Said wall space is covered with their trademark urban design, incorporating uncannily realistic trompe-l’oeil. The mural, which is being mooted as the largest in the world, masterfully depicts interactive scenes, trees, flowers, birds and animals. The design was inspired by the nearby zoo, and certainly evokes a welcomed sense of nature and space within a built-up urban zone. CitéCréation, which employs around 80 artists at its offices worldwide, has already created around 600 “monumental frescoes” in cities across the globe to date. And it seems that there are many other urban canvasses set to benefit from their strokes of genius.

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