Ecology — 01 December 2012
Local products

Again this month, we have interviewed some more of our local producers, so that both their dedicated work and quality products will be better known and more appreciated by our island community.
First of all, we interviewed Toni Costa from the famous Bodega of Can Rich, in the area known as Buscastell, next to the Cami de Sa Vorera, between the small village of Forada and San Antonio. Can Rich offers a wonderful variety of excellent local wines, liquors and olive oil, both from the main farm in Buscastell and the other land at Can Llaudis near the airport. These two farms were first planted with vines and olives during 1997 – 98, and now produce between 90 and 100 thousand litres of wine and 1000 litres of olive oil per year, from 40 hectares of ecological cultivations. Can Rich products are sold in many supermarkets and eco shops all over Ibiza, as well as exported outside the island.
Next we visited Can Tura, (opposite the entrance to the main San Antonio Cooperative installations), where Antonio made a quick tour of their very productive 10 hectare farm. Here they grow just about every type of fruit and vegetable that can be grown on the island, (including such things as local bananas from their extensive greenhouses), providing a fabulous selection of fresh and tasty products. These are sold in the Payes market in Calle Madrid, San Antonio, where Antonio’s mother Maria runs the public side of their work intensive but thriving family business. Both the farm and the market stall have been offering first quality locally grown food for over forty years, and is actually the place where Casita Verde buys the majority of it’s vegetables and fruit throughout the whole year. Although not certified organic, Can Tura uses mainly natural manure from their own livestock, plus a minimum of artificial fertilizers and pest controls on their crops, therefore offering a very affordable option to those wanting to eat a local healthy diet of fresh farm products.
Just before arriving in town, we passed by the Cooperativa of San Antonio, where Alicia from the office there explained to us what local farm products they process and sell from the warehouse, plus showed us what other local delights they sell in their Coop shop. We found local wines, beer and hierbas, honey, olives, olive oil, carob flour, bread and sweet cakes, cheeses, sausages, potatoes, sweet potatoes, oranges, watermelons and unshelled almonds, plus a selection of small plants for growing in your veggie plot. In the warehouse, you can find organic compost from the milk farm in Santa Gertrudis, a variety of different animal feeds made from locally grown cereals, plus two grades of triturated carob for use as animal feed or for further processing. (to make carob syrup for example).
You can also get just about everything you need for your farm or garden maintenance there and can of course meet friends and local food producers whilst doing your shopping.
Supporting these very important local rural activities is one of the most direct ways to ensure that our island stays green and beautiful into the future. If as island residents we fail to join in the local products movie, we may risk losing the traditional life of the Ibiza countryside forever!

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