Ecology — 01 October 2012
Local products Time to move on!

Obviously, to have a really healthy local products market on the island, we need to find some common ground, to share our knowledge and our experiences, our resources and labour forces, as well as our gains and losses, within the emerging local economic community. In this way, we can all grow together as a consolidated group, where cooperativism rather than competition will ensure that sustainable production methods and a fair trading system can result in a regenerative growth in local productivity.

A weekly central local products market in somewhere like Santa Gertrudis or Jesus, would be a solid way to join all those who have locally produced things to sell or exchange.

This gesture alone may well stimulate the imagination of everyone who now believes that we must move on towards a more autonomous civilization, where we produce our own energy, water, healthy food and drinks, medicines, building materials, fertilizers, furniture, clothes, paper etc, involving a whole range of people supported sustainable local industries……

Not many of us like to think what would happen if no more ships or planes came to the island with our daily needs on board. What could we possibly do about it? For a start, it would be very practical if we could exchange excesses of local products, including natural resources such as wood and water, amongst the local community, instead of leaving it to rot somewhere on the land, or run off into the sea. What we need now and into the future, is a truly local economy based on good feeling and friendship, mutual benefit and pure eco logic!

Spark, then illumination, then rapid regeneration!

This is the year of 2012 and for many of us here in Ibiza a year where things will change in an accelerating and exciting way. How that change will affect us will depend on our willingness to work together within an evolving common vision.

Consuming local products is one of the major foundations of any plan for a secure and sustainable culture (‘Per- maculture’). The simple act of allowing everyone to participate in what is really the re-creation of a ‘free trading system’ amongst local residents, will allow us all to live better and enjoy more of a harmonious connection with our fellow islanders.

Modern thinking and traditional knowledge must now be combined in a very creative intelligent way, so that both the natural heritage and local traditions blend smoothly with the new technologies. What we need is a totally regenerative and re-productive life support system allowing us to evolve naturally in peace and harmony.

So just imagine a beautiful island like Ibiza, bursting with life and diversity of plants, birds, animals and beautiful friendly people – a pure dream of paradise. Well guess what, we have it all, so only need to join up the dots to make our dreams come true.

Anyone interested in getting together a team to study the possibility of making a central local products market, please get in touch. Who knows where it will eventually lead us, but it would be logical to make it happen very soon!

Contact: Chris Dews 971 187 353 / 608 838 190 – email:

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