Intelligent Health — 01 September 2012
Which way are you heading?

It is estimated that only between 2-5% of all disease and illness is a direct result of the genes that we have inherited. On the flip side that means that 95-98% of our health is directly under our control through the way in which we live.
Understanding and ACTING on the fundamental principles of health & illness will greatly increase your chances of good health for life.
A common question people ask is why their body is not working properly, why they have pain, headaches, stomach problems, fibromyalgia or general poor health etc.
Health is our body’s normal state, and symptoms and illness are also vital to good health as they act as alarms from our body telling us something is wrong and that we need to change the way are living. When the external stressors of life are greater than our body’s internal resistance or strength, our body gives us signals that it is trying to survive and we experience ill health.
There are 3 major external stressors in life that reduce our body’s resistance. These are: physical stress like poor posture, accidents and repetitive movements; chemical stress such as poor diet, chemicals in food or water, smoking, drugs; and emotional /mental stress such as work, loss of a loved one, or finances for example.
So where does our body’s internal resistance or strength come from? It comes from eating right, being active and thinking well. It comes from giving the body the basic ingredients to be well.
I created a 3D character to explain this concept more simply (shown below).

As you can see in the image on the left, the boxes that are being carried represent the 3 forms of stress (physical, chemical and emotional). They are heavy and weigh the character down. Because the character lacks adequate strength (his internal resistance is low), he cannot carry these weights without problems. What do you think will happen if he continues like this for a long period of time? Exactly! He will start to experience back pain and weakness and may eventually collapse. When we experience symptoms and illhealth, the external stressors in our life are greater than our ability to withstand them.
So the fundamental principle of generating health is the exact opposite: when our internal resistance or strength is greater than the external stressors in our life we will experience wellbeing. As you can see in the second image, the character is fit and strong and although the stressors in his life still exist, they are no longer overwhelming because he has not only reduced the external stressors but has also increased his internal resistance to them. How? Some examples are making consistent daily choices to reduce or avoid unhealthy habits, embrace a healthy diet, maintain a healthy spine, exercise daily, get 8 hours of sleep, prioritise good relationships, and use strategies to reduce stress.
So now that you know the fundamental principle of health and illness, what small thing can you start DOING today that will help you on your path to true health and wellbeing?

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