News — 01 June 2012
De Todo on location

We were delighted to accept an invitation down to the set of a major Dutch movie ‘Loving Ibiza’ which, as reported in our April edition, is presently being shot on Ibiza.
On the day of our visit, a scene awash with ex- tras was being filmed. Amongst these were even some local faces who’d innocently applied as extras, only to find themselves cast in full speak- ing roles! For the remaining extras, the thrill of just being involved in a major movie, a gift of a goody bag and an invite to the movie’s Ibiza pre- mier next year was enough to fuel their tangible excitement. Not to mention free flowing food and drink courtesy of Le Cook Catering – quite a treat if the food served on this particular day is anything to go on.
It was clear from the moment we arrived that the whole tidy operation was steeped in calm and goodwill – something only achievable through precise forethought and planning. Line Producer, Nathalie Moser, and her right-hand man, Bradley Martin, of local production man- agement company Eyebizafilm, have worked tirelessly to ensure the smooth running of things since January, saying: “Having the Conseil be- hind us has made locations and venues all the more approachable. The Dutch movie house also turned up with state-of-the-art equipment that takes into account things like minimum dis- ruption to neighbours; which is always our pri- ority.” A barely audible generator and tardis-like catering bus stand as perfect examples of this due consideration.
The movie – a mosaic romantic comedy remi- niscent of ‘Love Actually’ – is due for general re- lease in Holland in 2013, and anticipated to have a significant impact on the Dutch audience; in turn boosting tourism here. The movie’s direc- tor, Johan Nijenhuis, seems himself to be ‘Lov- ing Ibiza’ already: “Quite apart from the stunning scenery and perfect weather we’ve been having for shooting, it’s been wonderful to have every- one involved locally – the Conseil, tourist board, locations and extras – being so enthusiastic and hospitable. What more could any film produc- tion ask for?”

Filming will con- tinue until the end of June and their search for extras continues.
If you would like a taste of stardom, just email contact@devamod- for information on how to apply.

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