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Earth’s ozone layer is healing

NASA has confirmed that the hole in the Earth’s ozone layer, which first appeared above Antarctica in the 1980’s, is shrinking thanks to a ban on damaging chemicals. In 1989 the world came together in [...]

France moving away from fossil fuels 

The French parliament has passed a law banning the ecologically unsafe practice of fracking to obtain oil and gas. This is part of a larger plan to end all production of oil and gas [...]

A ‘smart street’ in London

Technology which is capable of generating electricity from human movement has now been installed on Bird Street in London’s West End. This energy-harvesting ‘smart street’, installed by Pavegen, converts the power of footsteps into [...]

SkinGun for burns 

A revolutionary new treatment for serious burns could replace the need for lengthy stays in hospital and invasive procedures. The ‘SkinGun’ lightly sprays the skin and prompts the patient’s own stem cells to regenerate [...]

Can fasting boost brain power?

A stomach hormone that stimulates appetite seems to also promote the growth of new brain cells. This may explain why some people say that fasting makes them feel mentally sharper. The hormone is called [...]

Peace march in Palestine

“We are allowed to say this out loud – we are lovers of peace!” was the statement that summed up the feelings of more than 30,000 Israeli and Palestinian women who took part in [...]

Not a drop to the sea…

The Alliance for Water of Ibiza and Formentera (AWIF) has announced the results of its Water Monitoring program that was launched during 2017. They have also started a new awareness and environmental education campaign [...]

Tesla launches the world’s biggest battery

The world’s largest lithium ion battery system has started delivering power in South Australia. This Tesla ‘Powerpack’ system stores energy generated by a nearby wind farm, and it is capable of providing electricity for [...]

Hydrogen-powered train with zero emissions 

The French company Alstom has produced a new train that emits nothing more toxic to the environment than steam and water. “Hydrail” is the world’s first hydrogen-powered, zero-emission train, and it was recently tested [...]

Living off the grid

An Italian start-up company has launched the ‘Off Grid Box’ which is designed to bring clean water and renewable energy to millions of people who live without these basic essentials. It’s a simple container [...]

Producing water from the air

A 22-year old Indian engineering student has developed an invention that efficiently pulls moisture from the air and converts it into drinking water. Jawwad Patel set his intention to ease the hardships that accompany [...]

Affordable houses for millennials

Most young people between 25 and 35 have little choice but to rent a place to live rather than buy one. This situation is common in both Europe and North America due to the [...]

No more cigarette butts on Thai beaches

The beautiful beaches of Thailand are the victims of their own success in the form of pollution. There are literally millions of cigarette butts littering the beaches, and they represent one third of all [...]

Tanzanian schoolboy promotes hand washing

A fourteen year old schoolboy named Goodluck is tackling his country’s problems of clean water and sanitation by becoming an advocate for hand washing. In rural Tanzania only 48% of people have access to [...]

App that identifies flowers and plants

PlantNet is an application for mobile phones that can identify many types of flowers, shrubs, plants and fruit trees just by taking a photo of it. It works similar to the way that the [...]

Traditional agriculture returns in Sicily

Producers and farmers on the island of Sicily have rejected the use of genetically modified crops (GMOs) and chemical products. They have decided to give up mass produced farming to focus on traditional methods [...]

Virtual reality for seniors

A group of elderly residents recently took part in a study designed to measure virtual reality’s impact on the emotional well-being of seniors. For many people, growing older often leads to a lack of [...]

Trees in the Amazon make their own rain

Scientists have always been puzzled by the fact that the rainy season in the Amazon begins two or three months before the other regions of Latin America. Now a team of researchers at the [...]