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People like to read Good News!

The Ibiza Optimista is based on the idea that people like to read good news. This seems like common sense, and the Guardian newspaper in the UK set out to see if it was [...]

Less sun beds on Sant Josep beaches

The Government of Sant Josep has announced a reduction of the concessions for sun beds and jet skis on all the beaches in its municipality. In total there will be around 600 less lounges [...]

Meditations for different parts of the brain

It is well known that meditation is generally good for you, and now we are learning that it can be tailored to produce specific beneficial results. Previous studies have shown that meditation increases the size [...]

World’s first electric container barges

Starting this summer the world’s first fully electric, emission-free and eventually unmanned container ships will operate from the Dutch ports of Antwerp, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.Dubbed the “Tesla of the canals”, the vessels are being [...]

The value of autistic employees

London based Auticon is an information technology (IT) consultancy with a difference. The company, which recently topped the “one to watch” category at the UK Social Enterprise Awards, has a workforce made up entirely [...]

Space X launches its largest rocket

Space X, the company founded by Elon Musk, has launched a new rocket that is capable of lifting twice as much into orbit as any other rocket in production today. One thing that makes [...]

Balearic Government to ban diesel cars in 2025

The Balearic Government will ban the entry and purchase of diesel cars to the islands beginning in 2025, and gasoline cars by 2035.The aim is to make the entire archipelago fleet electric by 2050. [...]

Norway bans fur farms

Animal rights activists are overjoyed at the news that all fox and mink farms in Norway will be closed in the near future. This action has been hailed as “a fantastic victory” for the [...]

Wild flowers as pesticide

The UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology is running a trial on 15 farms using wildflowers instead of chemicals to beat back pests in an effort to reduce pesticide spraying. These brightly coloured flowers [...]

Cities becoming more sustainable

Many of our cities are changing for the better. Recent reports show that more than 100 cities around the world – from Auckland, New Zealand to Nairobi, Kenya – get at least 70% of [...]

Floating solar power in China

China is literally making waves with the news that it has built a huge floating solar energy array on the surface of a lake. Located in Huainan province, this solar structure is the biggest [...]

Advance in the treatment of Parkinson’s

Researchers at the Neurosciences Integral Center in Madrid have managed to control tremors, stiffness and slowness in patients with Parkinson’s disease by using an ultrasound technique called HIFU. Without the need for a cranial [...]

The “smart” diagnostic T-shirt

Researchers at the Université Laval in Quebec, Canada have developed a T-shirt that monitors the wearer’s breathing through a tiny antenna at the centre of the design. The shirt detects motion, records breathing patterns [...]