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Indian villagers save their river

The people of an Indian village that was facing an unbearable water shortage saved themselves by coming together to revive a dead river. In just 70 days, a 700 strong team of determined men [...]

Education for refugees in Greece

A transportation scheme organized by the EU and the UN’s International Organisation for Migration (IOM) is enabling young refugees to attend classes in 93 schools across mainland Greece. As a result, about 2,500 children [...]

Diagnostic tattoos for diabetics

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Medical School have developed tattoos that measure blood levels. This invention could be very useful for people with diabetes. In these special tattoos the traditional [...]

Treepedia to encourage urban greenery

Most people in urban areas rarely notice the greenery that is around them. Now there is a new interactive website which tells us exactly how many trees are in our environment with the aim [...]

Shipping containers become homes

A great solution for putting a roof over the heads of homeless people comes from the transformation of shipping containers that would otherwise by lying empty. This idea has been pioneered in the UK [...]

Adidas shoes made from ocean plastic waste

The multinational corporation Adidas has created a running shoe made almost entirely from discarded plastic that was recovered from the ocean near the Maldives. These trainers are subtle, soft-looking and designed to be evocative [...]

An ecological alternative to plastic

Most people are aware that plastic rubbish is a very serious problem on a global scale. Fortunately, the scientific community has long been working to find the perfect alternative to conventional plastics that are [...]

Plan for monitoring Ibiza’s coastline

The Consell of Ibiza has agreed upon a special monitoring plan together with the Balearic Coast Authority (BCA) to combat the occupation of beaches and areas of public domain by private property. The Consell [...]

A smartwatch that warns of illness

A smartwatch can give you the weather, the latest news and control of your daily schedule – and soon it may also be able tell you whether you are about to get sick. By [...]

Fly to several European capitals for only €150

Two young Spaniards have created ‘Airhopping’ – a new start-up that aims to replace Interrail with air travel. It is a flight search engine that offers several combinations of 15 day trips with three [...]

85 year old woman keeps running races

Whoever thinks that staying fit gets harder as you grow older should take a page out of this lady’s book. At the ripe age of 85, and despite being diagnosed with osteoporosis, Deirdre Larkin [...]

Plastic horseshoes for happier hooves

Have you ever watched a blacksmith put on a horseshoe? It’s a laborious process with nails and hot iron that over time has negative effects on the health of the horse. Iron shoes do [...]

Vanuatu islands ban junk food

In a move to eliminate the risk of health problems from eating junk food, a group of islands in the South Pacific have banned the importation of processed foods, and are promoting local, organic, [...]

Purifying sewage with “electric” bacteria

An experimental project near Seville is developing an environmentally friendly and efficient way to purify sewage water. The traditional method of purifying waste water uses underground microorganisms, but researchers at iMETland have made a [...]

Solar powered residential pod

Living off the grid is the ultimate dream for many… a dream that includes the freedom to move wherever you want with everything you need. That’s the promise of a new ‘mobile micro dwelling’ [...]

Pioneering law against gender violence in Tunisia

Tunisia has adopted a landmark law to reduce violence against women. It is a pioneering measure in the Arab world, where women in most countries have very limited rights and are treated as subservient [...]

Robots to look after the elderly?

An EU funded research consortium is developing a robot designed to look after elderly people who live alone. Whilst this may initially sound somewhat inhumane and alienating, the sad reality is that more and [...]

Drop by Drop water filtration

A Royal College of Art student has designed a plant-based water filtration system that is capable of cleansing home wastewater whilst growing herbs at the same time. Pratik Ghosh’s “Drop by Drop” filters water [...]

Catalonia legalizes marijuana clubs

The days of Catalonia’s cannabis clubs operating in a legal limbo are coming to an end, as the Catalan Parliament has approved new laws to regulate the cultivation, consumption, and transport of adult-use cannabis. [...]